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Some people wait their whole lives to find the perfect friend.

But not Isabella Washington. 

She knew she’d be best friends with Aiden Cunningham the moment she set eyes on him. But staying friends through school is easy. It’s what comes after that can make or break the deepest bonds.

Faced with the tumultuous trials of growing up in a confusing and sometimes cruel world, Isabella and Aiden must learn to navigate the unforgiving waters of adolescence while trying to keep their lifelong friendship alive.

But they soon find themselves thrust into chaotic challenges that will test the strength of their friendship in impossible ways. As the world seems determined to tear apart their bond at the seams, these “best friends for life” must dig deep and find the strength to keep going . . . or lose their connection forever.

Can Isabella and Aiden preserve their childhood bond against the odds? Or will they face the harsh truth that sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, you can’t save them?

A poignant and thoughtful coming-of-age novel that pulls back the curtain on profound themes of friendship, courage, and relationships. My Other Half is a riveting and inspiring read perfect for anybody struggling with the trials of adolescence.


This novel contains dark themes that may be triggering to some. It includes very disturbing situations, graphic violence, mature language, mental illness, various abuse, suicide, death, and sexual offense.

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